Tiger Ends Drought

Tiger Woods

It took a little over two years and overcoming several major injuries, but Tiger Woods is once again a winner. Woods finished with back-to-back birdies to shoot a 3-under 69 and capture the Chevron World Challenge by one shot over Zach Johnson. It was only the third time this year Tiger was in contention to seal the deal and he didn’t disappoint. Tiger hit the clutch shots that we were used to seeing when he was destroying the fields regularly. Looks like we may be seeing the dominant Tiger again in 2012. Watch the highlights below.

New NBA 2K12 Commercial-Mark Cuban vs. Drake

NBA 2K12

In the latest NBA 2K12 commercial, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and rapper Drake debate who the all-time best team in the NBA is. Drake, apparently the #1 stan for the Miami Heat, boasts that the Heat are the best and will take multiple titles. Cuban counters by showing off the spoils of the 2011 NBA Finals. Check out the funny commercial below.

NBA’s Best

NBA's Best
Do you agree that these are the NBA's top 4 players?

For the better part of the last month or so, ESPN.com has been ranking the players 1-500 and yesterday the top five were revealed. Surprising missing from the top five were 2-time scoring champ Kevin Durant(ranked No. 6), 5-time NBA champ Kobe Bryant (No. 7) and reigning MVP Derrick Rose (No.8). Coming in at number five was the reigning NBA Finals MVP Dirk Nowitzki, who finally overcame his demons to  lead the Dallas Mavericks to the title. New Orleans PG Chris Paul, who showed flashes of his old explosive self, came in ranked at number four. Dwyane Wade, who proved that he could still excel at a high level with two other superstars, found himself ranked third. Placing second in the ranking was Dwight Howard, Orlando’s dominant big man and reigning Defensive Player of the Year. And the player rated as the NBA’s best, most complete player was LeBron James, who nearly led Miami to the title. Did you guys agree with the rankings? Who do you feel the NBA’s best player?

RIP Al Davis

Yesterday was a very sad day for Raiders Nation as they lost one of their own-renegade Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis. For those who don’t know, Davis is easily considered one of the most influential men in NFL history. The Hall of Famer was the commissioner of the AFL and very instrumental in the NFL-AFL merger. Although Davis was decidedly different as an owner, he was also a trailblazer. In 1988, he hired Art Shell, a former Raider, who became the first black head coach of the modern era. He hired the second Latino coach, Tom Flores; and the first woman CEO, Amy Trask. And for Davis, his loyalty was evident: To be a Raider was to be a Raider for life. In all, Davis won 3 Super Bowls with the Raiders and 1 AFL title and above all else will be remember for his phrase, ” Just Win Baby!” Click the image to enlarge.

Al Davis

RIP Al Davis.


Money Mayweather Wins After Bizarre 4th Round KO

Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Floyd “Money” Mayweather made his return to the rings after 16 months away and showed he stilled had plenty of fight left, earning a bizarre and controversial fourth round knockout over Victor Ortiz to win the welterweight title. In a bizarre sequence of events, Ortiz unloaded a flurry of punches on Mayweather, then headbutted Mayweather, earning an one point deduction. When referee Joe Cortez resumed the fight, Ortiz apologized to Mayweather, then hugged and kissed him. Following this, the two fighters touched gloves, and Mayweather touched Ortiz with two lightning quick punches, the second of which ended the fight. While it appeared Ortiz was trying to talk to the referee, he broke the first rule in boxing- Always keep your guard up. And for good measure, Mayweather cussed out opinionated HBO Boxing analyst Larry Merchant during the post fight interview, to which Merchant replied, ” If I was 50 years younger, I’d kick your ass.” Check out the ending to the fight below.


Here’s hoping we get a Money Mayweather-Pac Man fight soon.Or a Mayweather vs. Larry Merchant fight. At this point, I’d take either.