The Blame Game

The Super Twosome
Who should get the blame for the Heat coming up short?

Last night in Game 2 of their Eastern Conference Semifinals, the Indiana Pacers stunned the Miami Heat 78-75, winning on Miami’s court and stealing home court in the best of 7 series. And now, insert your favorite excuse here… the Heat lost because Bosh is out, LeBron was tired, D-Wade didn’t get the call at the end, LeBron should’ve taken the last shot. Say whatever you want, but the fact that LeBron and D-Wade nearly beat Indiana again (see second half of Game 1), 2 against 5 nonetheless, is incredible. I don’t think it’s LeBron’s fault at all. He played the entire 2nd half again and hit several key baskets and wasn’t afraid to mix it up in the paint. If he had taken the last shot and missed, people would still ride his back regardless. Can’t necessarily blame D-Wade either; nine times out of ten he hits that shot or gets the call…this time was the one out of ten. As for Mario Chalmers getting the last shot, percentage wise he’s a better three point shooter that LeBron or D-Wade. So, as the Heat regroup heading into Game 3 and the analysts take their shots at the two remaining superfriends, just remember-the series isn’t over yet and James and Wade are almost certain to redeem themselves. Prediction: Heat will win in 6.


The Clip Show

Chris Paul traded to LA Clippers

Chris Paul IS going to LA…just not to the Lakers. In a move that may very well alter the landscape of the Western Conference, the “little brother” LA Clippers pulled off a trade to land CP3, the All Star Point Guard from the New Orleans Hornets. The Clippers had to part with Chris Kaman, Eric Gordon, AlFarouq Aminu and an unprotected 2012 first round pick (from Minnesota), but now boast a possible starting lineup for CP3, Chauncey Billups, Caron Butler, Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan. Not only are people talking about the new expectations for the Clippers, they are also debating if this squad is better than the Lakers. Times have changed. Check out some CP3 highlights below.

Do you think CP3 can lead the Clippers to the NBA Finals?

Let’s Play Ball


NBA season returns Dec. 25
They're back! Finally!

After almost five months of threats, insults and posturing, it looks as if the NBA and its players have finally agreed on terms to allow a 2011-12 season! The league will have a brief free agency period, a 66 game season (48 of the games will be in-conference) running from Christmas Day to April 26,2012 and there will be cases where teams play on back to back to back nights (similiar to the lockout shortened NBA season of 1999). The playoffs will move at a slightly accelerated pace and at the latest, the NBA Finals would end on June 26. And yes, there will still be an All Star Weekend. So now, we can get to the questions that were running rampant back in June. Will CP3 and Dwight Howard still be in New Orleans and Orlando at season’s end? Will this season be the last chance for Big 3 in Boston? Will 2 time scoring champĀ Kevin Durant lead Oklahoma City through the West? And can LeBron James finally win that elusive first championship? Let the fun begin…basketball’s back!

Jordan:Love The Game commercial

Team Jordan

Jordan Brand released a new commercial featuring NBA stars Dwyane Wade, Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony doing what they do best. In the commercial, they play ball with any and everybody and a few parts are humorous (like when Carmelo blocks the kid’s shot towards the end). I’m glad these guys aren’t sitting around at home getting rusty; because the way things are going with the NBA lockout, theres no telling when we’ll see them in NBA unis. Check out the commercial below.

New NBA 2K12 Commercial-Mark Cuban vs. Drake

NBA 2K12

In the latest NBA 2K12 commercial, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and rapper Drake debate who the all-time best team in the NBA is. Drake, apparently the #1 stan for the Miami Heat, boasts that the Heat are the best and will take multiple titles. Cuban counters by showing off the spoils of the 2011 NBA Finals. Check out the funny commercial below.