The Blame Game

The Super Twosome
Who should get the blame for the Heat coming up short?

Last night in Game 2 of their Eastern Conference Semifinals, the Indiana Pacers stunned the Miami Heat 78-75, winning on Miami’s court and stealing home court in the best of 7 series. And now, insert your favorite excuse here… the Heat lost because Bosh is out, LeBron was tired, D-Wade didn’t get the call at the end, LeBron should’ve taken the last shot. Say whatever you want, but the fact that LeBron and D-Wade nearly beat Indiana again (see second half of Game 1), 2 against 5 nonetheless, is incredible. I don’t think it’s LeBron’s fault at all. He played the entire 2nd half again and hit several key baskets and wasn’t afraid to mix it up in the paint. If he had taken the last shot and missed, people would still ride his back regardless. Can’t necessarily blame D-Wade either; nine times out of ten he hits that shot or gets the call…this time was the one out of ten. As for Mario Chalmers getting the last shot, percentage wise he’s a better three point shooter that LeBron or D-Wade. So, as the Heat regroup heading into Game 3 and the analysts take their shots at the two remaining superfriends, just remember-the series isn’t over yet and James and Wade are almost certain to redeem themselves. Prediction: Heat will win in 6.


Like a Bosh

Chris Bosh

Today, on ESPN’s morning show, First Take, Miami Heat star Chris Bosh made an appearance and got a chance to face analyst Skip Bayless. Surprisingly, Bosh was very cordial and didn’t blow up on Bayless, like many of us thought might happen. While Bayless didn’t back out of the “Bosh Spice” comments, he did admit that once Bosh stepped it up during the 2011 NBA Playoffs, he did stop using the nickname. All and all, I found the interview very interesting (even though Bayless got a few more shots in) and I’m hoping there is a 2011-12 NBA season (maybe Bosh will be able to redeem himself of that horrible nickname). Check out the interview, courtesy of, below.

A Year After the Decision

This time a year ago, an event occurred in an crowded Boys in Girls Club in Northeastern Ohio that forever shifted the balance of power in the NBA as well as change the destinies of several franchises. LeBron James, the then-reigning two time NBA MVP, fresh off another disappointing early exit in the NBA Playoffs, announced to the world that he was leaving Cleveland and “take his talents” to Miami to join forces with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in sunny Miami.Click the pic to enlarge.

LeBron James
Looking back one year later, did LeBron make the right decision?

There were various highs and lows in the season that followed; Miami stumbled out the gate as the new Big 3 tried to learn to play together on the fly and the Cleveland Cavaliers showed just how valuable LeBron truly was, losing a NBA record 26 straight games. The Heat would wind up figuring things out in time for the playoffs and would finish two wins shy of a championship; the Cavaliers would stumbled to the finish line, but wound up with the number one pick in the NBA Draft. Do you think, in hindsight, that LeBron made the right decision? And do you think “The Decision” will go down as one of the biggest events in NBA history?

Van Gundy Thinks Heat Should Trade LeBron

ESPN NBA analyst and former NBA coach Jeff Van Gundy thinks the Miami Heat should break up its Big 3, or better yet, change its star trio. He says trading 2 time NBA MVP LeBron James for Orlando’s Dwight Howard makes sense, even if it sounds crazy to everybody else. “Yes, I said that, and people killed me for it,” Van Gundy said. “But you know what? If I have a chance to trade LeBron for Dwight Howard, absolutely, I’d do that.”  Van Gundy’s main argument is that Orlando would do best to trade Howard before he becomes a free agent-a la LeBron next summer- and gets nothing in return. Click the image to enlarge.

LeBron James trade
Would you trade LeBron for Dwight Howard?

Would you make this trade if you were a GM?