R. Kelly

So, a very popular adult  R&B singer who famously beat child-porn charges just a few years ago gets invited to be a grand marshal at a back to school parade for children? Ummm, ok…. Maybe, R. Kelly figured out a way to “lace” his songs with some sort of mind control. SMH. In honor of R. Kelly, I’m posting the first ever Keep the Change comic strip, which made its debut on BET.com over a year ago, and it just happens to be about the pied piper of R&B. Click the comic to enlarge.

August 17, 2011 Keep the Change comic strip

A Comic Strip is Born

Way back in June of 2010, I came up with the idea to create an all new comic strip that would deal with social issues from a minority/hip hop POV. And from that came the Keep the Change comic strip. And on June 14, 2010, the first comic debuted on BET.com. Since then, the comic has evolved and the style has changed a little. Click the comic to enlarge.

KTC Debut

Special thanks to bloggers Gyant, MissJia, Fashion H., Genia N., Jenika M., BET and everyone else who has supported me along the way. Stay tuned…there is much more to come!


Bipolar Weather

Today’s new Keep the Change comic strip focuses on the up and down, back and forth weather that we’ve been having lately. One day its nice in 85 degrees. The next day, the high is 44 degrees. I’m convinced Mother Nature must be bipolar as well as very moody. Click the comic to enlarge.

ktc bipolar weather

I enjoy the cold months more to be honest, but if it’s gonna be warm, be warm. The back and forth is gonna make a lot of people sick as well as drive sinuses crazy.

One of those days

Have you ever just had one of those days when everything seems to be off? You know, the type of days that you wished that you could just sleep (or drink) through? Click the comic to enlarge.

ktc one of those days

How would you react if you looked in the mirror and saw Peter Griffin looking back  instead on yourself?