New NBA 2K12 Commercial-Mark Cuban vs. Drake

NBA 2K12

In the latest NBA 2K12 commercial, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and rapper Drake debate who the all-time best team in the NBA is. Drake, apparently the #1 stan for the Miami Heat, boasts that the Heat are the best and will take multiple titles. Cuban counters by showing off the spoils of the 2011 NBA Finals. Check out the funny commercial below.

Greatest Team Ever

NBA 2K12 video game commercial

In anticipation of 2k Sports new NBA 2K12 video game, a new commercial recently was released in which Michael Jordan, Drake, Mark Cuban and several fans voiced their opinions on what team was the NBA’s greatest ever. In the commercial, the Larry Bird Boston Celtics, the Magic Johnson Showtime Lakers and of course MJ’s Chicago Bulls are mentioned . But, whats interesting is the inclusion is last season’s Miami Heat (included by Drake). While I am a huge fan of both LeBron and D-Wade, I can’t put that team in the conversation (mainly, because they didn’t win it all). However, at 100% full strength, I think they could take the Celtics and maybe even beat the Showtime Lakers; but the Bulls….MJ’s Bulls? Sorry Drake, I don’t believe for a second that anybody on Miami’s team could slow down MJ or Scottie Pippen. MJ’s mental toughness would cancel out LeBron’s freakish natural talent and I’m sure Dennis Rodman would have gotten all in Chris Bosh’s head.The 1995-96 Bulls would get my vote for best ever team ever. Your thoughts? Check out the commercial below.

“Jay-Z” responds to Weezy

Jay-Z Affion Crockett

Last week, social networks when crazy over Lil’ Wayne’s diss at Jay-Z. And almost immediately, people wondered if Hov would respond. Well, “Jay” responded on the Green Lantern show last night. Check it out below.


By the way, isn’t it uncanny how well Affion Crockett has the Jay routine down? Special thanks to Hip Hop Wired for the video.


Wale – “I’m On One”

Wale drops a hot new remix to "I'm On One"

Wale is the latest big name artist to jump on the remix bandwagon. But, thankfully, it’s not a remix of Drake’sMarvin’s Room” or The Throne’s “Otis”. Wale dropped his freestyle remix of DJ Khaled‘s “I’m On One” and it sounds pretty good. Check it out below and leave your thoughts.



Over the weekend, Young Money rapper and rising star Drake released the first single for his upcoming sophomore release, Take Care entitled “Headlines”. In this lead off single, Drake says that he’s using all of the negativity coming his way as motivation. “I had someone tell me I fell off/ Oh, I needed that / And then they want to see me pick back up/ Well, where’d I leave it at?” he raps menacingly. Click the pic below to enlarge.

Drake's first single from Take Care is now out...

Check out the single below.


What do you guys think? Hit or miss?