Bruce Willis in Talks to Join GI Joe 2

Action star Bruce Willis may be the next big name to join the cast of G.I. Joe 2:Retailiation. Willis, the star of the Die Action franchise, is in talks to play the original Joe, General Joe Colton. If Willis does indeed agree to star in the sequel, he would be joining stars Channing Tatum, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, the RZA, among others. I think the addition of Willis would greatly legitimize the chances of the sequel becoming a hit. Do you agree? Click the pic to enlarge.

Bruce Willis
Bruce Willis is in talks to play the original Joe...



Happy Birthday to the Chief

Today, President Obama celebrates the big 5-0!  One of the youngest presidents ever elected to office, Obama’s presidency has seen its share of highs (getting bin laden) and lows(the lingering effects of the great recession). However, he was able to get a get a deal to end the debt standoff. That’s reason enough to celebrate! Click the pic to enlarge.

Obama turns 50
Our Commander-in-Chief turns 50 today

Others celebrating birthdays include singer Marques Houston (30), NASCAR champion driver Jeff Gordon (40), baseball pitching great Roger Clemens (49), actor Billy Bob Thorton (56) and comedian Paul Mooney (70).

Beyonce Stars in New L’Oreal Commercial

Looks like Bey is still killing the competition...

Seems Beyonce can do no wrong. The multi-talented star, who has another successful album and a new movie on the way, is featured in a new L’Oreal commercial. Check out the seductive new commercial below.


Are you guys feeling Beyonce in this commercial or not?

Samuel L. Jackson To Bring Live Action Afro Samurai to Big Screen

Famed actor Samuel L. Jackson is looking to bring the popular anime cartoon ‘Afro Samurai‘ to the big screen. Jackson, who provided voices to the cartoon, is teaming up with Gonzo Studio to create a live action version. Afro Samurai, a Japanese series written and illustrated by Takashi Okazaki, follows the life of a black samurai who witnesses the death of his father as a child and seeks the avenge his murder and take possession of the #1 headband. Click the pic to enlarge.

Afro Samurai
Samuel L. Jackson is looking to bring a live action Afro Samurai to the big screen

Are you excited to see a live action feature film version of Afro Samurai? [SOURCE]

Breaking News: Amy Winehouse Found Dead

Sad news in the music world. Singer Amy Winehouse, known as much for her battles with drug and alcohol abuse as she was for her music, was found dead in her London apartment. She was only 27. Winehouse, probably best known for her song “Rehab”, ironically was coming off her latest stint in a rehabilitation program. Click the pic to enlarge.

Amy Winehouse
Rest in Peace Amy Winehouse

Winehouse cut her European concert tour short last month following a concert in Belgrade, where she staggered around the stage and stumbled through several songs and audience members booed Winehouse off the stage just a few songs into the concert, the first of the tour. My condolences go out to her family.[SOURCE]