One Week Only Promo

To thank all of you who have followed and supported me and helped me get to 1K on Instagram, I’m doing a (1 time?) special for the next 7 days…$1o face/head illustrations!



If you know anybody that wants to get an illustrated avatar for social media or just wants a cool face cartoon, now is the best time to get one (super bargain price)!


Here is an illustration to celebrate 20 years of Southern super duo Outkast. Prints is this illustration are available if anyone is interested in remembering this huge moment in music history.

Illustration celebrating 20 years of the Outkast
Illustration celebrating 20 years of the Outkast

Don Cheadle is Captain Planet


Don Cheadle Captain Planet parody
Look out world, there's a new Captain Planet in town...

Late last week Don Cheadle premiered a new skit on popular website In the skit, Cheadle portrays iconic 1990s superhero Captain Planet, but with a decidedly different attitude. I think this is one of the funnier skits/parodies that I have seen in a while. Click out the video below.


Shouts out to Funny or Die for the video.