Keri has Allure

R&B singer Keri Hilson will be appearing in the upcoming issue of Allure magazine-sans clothing. I’m not sure what her fans will say about her new spread, but personally I think the picture is hot! Click the comic to enlarge.

ktc Keri Hilson Allure

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Make Yourself at Home

Today’s Sunday double sized comic focuses on those particular friends that take advantage of any situation they can. You know the type- the friend that drinks your last soda in the fridge, hogs your tv when you want to watch something else, etc. Click the comic to enlarge.

ktc Make Yourself at Home

Never See It Coming

In the aftermath of Blind Fury‘s commanding freestyle domination in BET’s 106 & Park Freestyle Friday tournament, some people still doubt his skills. I not sure if they’ve been watching the same rapper the last month or so…Click the comic to enlarge.

 KTC Never See It Coming

Sucker Punched

Finally got around to checking out Sucker Punched… I’m not gonna say that it was bad, but i’m definitely not gonna say it was good either. The visuals were outstanding, but that was the highlight of the movie. Once again, I was tricked by a cool looking trailer. Sitting through this movie I could imagine how the judges on Dancing With The Stars felt watching Wendy Williams dance. Click the comic to enlarge.

ktc sucker punched

Has anybody else seen Sucker Punched?

No love for the Underdog

For one half, I actually believed the underdog, Butler, would actually pull off the upset and win the national championship. But, seven minutes into the second half, I realized what the rest of America knew…it just wasn’t to be. Congratulations UConn on winning the title and congratulations to Butler for giving the underdogs of the world some hope. Click the comic to enlarge.

ktc underdog

Maybe next year.