Obama’s Job Approval Ratings hits its Lowest Level

A new poll has found that President Barack Obama’s job approval rating is at its lowest since he was elected president and it also found that nearly half of Americans oppose the U.S. military intervention is Libya. Obama’s approval ratings is at 42%, down from 46% rating in a March 3 poll. Opposition to the U.S. involvement in Libya was 47% and only 41% of those polled approved of Obama’s handling on the situation. The poll found that President Obama “receives negative ratings on his handling of the budget deficit, the economy, foreign policy, health care and energy policy.” In a hypothetical election poll, 37% of those surveyed would vote for the Republican challenger, while 36% would vote to re-elect Obama. Ouch. Click the image to enlarge.

Obama approval rating
Are you guys still down with Obama?

Do you think President Obama has been given a fair chance so far while in office?

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