Mutants in Boston?

Here’s a story that sounds like it came straight out of a Marvel comic…a sample of rainwater in Boston revealed a very low concentration of radiation. It most likely came all the way from the damaged nuclear power plant in Japan.┬áThe radioiodine-131 should not affect the drinking water supply and will quickly dissipate, losing half its level within eight days, according to the Massachusetts Dept. of Public Health. Just for a minute, could you imagine what might happen if the Public Health Dept. was wrong? Mutants in Boston? Superpowered beings? That could/would be very interesting. Click the image to enlarge.

Shaq Mr. Fantastic
Could you see Shaq as Mr. Fantastic?

Could you imagine how much cockier Boston residents would be if they had real superhuman powers/abilities? Some would argue that some of the Celtics, Patriots and Red Sox already do.

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