MJ Gives UNC Players extra motivation

The North Carolina Tar Heels played their first two games of the NCAA Tournament in Charlotte, North Carolina. And during those two games, several players wore Kobe Bryant‘s Nike Air Zooms. And one particular UNC great took exceptional to that. Michael Jordan was overheard telling a few Tar Heels,”┬áNext time I see you wearing those Kobe Bryants, I’m gonna take it right off,” and then added,”I don’t care if your feet kill you, you’re gonna wear them Jordans.” Click the image to enlarge.

North Carolina Michael Jordan
MJ makes a promise to the UNC Tar Heels if they make it to the Final Four

When informed that the Tar Heels didn’t have the new Jordan XI Cool Greys, MJ told the team that if they make it to the Final Four, they could have any shoe they want. Did you think the Tar Heels can make it to the Final Four?

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