Get Ready to Scream

One of better horror movie franchises, Scream, returns for another stab at moviegoers. The fourth installment brings back stars Courtney Cox, David Arquette and Neve Campbell and features Emma Roberts, Heroes star Hayden Panettiere, Anthony Anderson and True Blood star Anna Paquin. Scream 4 is set several years after the events of Scream 3, as Sidney returns home on the 15th anniversary of the first Woodsboro murders. Of course,¬†with her return to Woodsboro also comes the return of past slasher-killer Ghostface, who is starting to stalk and kill Jill’s friends and several other people in the Woodsboro area.Click the image to enlarge.

Scream 4 Ghostface
The Ghostface Killah, um... I mean Killer is back...

Maybe Sidney should just stay the hell out of Woodsboro. What do you think? Make sure you check back later for reviews on Scream 4.

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