Behind the Scenes

Ever wondered how a comic strip is created? If so, today is your lucky day! I broke today’s Sunday comic step by step. Enjoy

step 1- circles and lines

First, I figure out the layout for my comic and I draw a series of circles and lines for the various body parts of the characters.

step 2
step 2- adding minor details

Next, I go and add the guidelines for the eyes, nose ¬†and mouth as well as begin to define features on the characters…

step 3
step 3-finished pencils

Now, at this point, your characters should begin to be taking form. I go back in draw in the missing details…and now, the images are beginning to tell a story…and its time to…

step 4
step 4-Inking

Ink! At this point, you should have everything pretty much drawn the way you want it to look. So, at this step, you simply trace what you’ve already drawn with ink and then you…

step 5
step 5- clean up

clean up your work. I use a kneaded eraser (honestly, any good eraser will work) and i simply erase all of my pencil lines. And now comes the fun part… I scan the comic in and…

step 6
step 6- digital inking

digitally ink it (this gets rid of most of the pencil lines). Now, all that is left is to digital color the comic and add text. Check this afternoon to see the final version of today’s comic. Hope you guys enjoyed this!

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